Longevity Lab

2020 - Present · Lead Business, Design, and Marketing Consultant


Longevity Lab is a broad project with a myriad of stakeholders across disciplines. The main thrust of the business is creating two new products: a patient and office management software as a service platform and an online health and wellness subscription service.  I was brought onto the project to rebuild the visual identity of the brand including logo, website and overall visual design; help revamp marketing; and assist in managing the development and deployment of the products. I am the current project lead and hired Addison Snidle to help with marketing and design functions.


· Create a new brand identity for the new products and business direction
· Re-activate and grow dormant social media accounts
· Coordinate with development teams to build web applications to our UI/UX and overall functionality requirements
· Develop a sustainable content strategy for the online wellness subscription service
· Build web resources to support all of the above efforts


The overall visual design, logo, and website underwent complete redesigns.
The final stylescape developed for Longevity Lab. This is a visual representation of the brand direction.
Old Logo
New Logo

Web Design

Mockups were created in Adobe XD. Final designs executed in Webflow.

Marketing Strategy

We inherited a small following of less than 50 followers on each social media platform. We revamped the messaging, visual design, and target audience for Longevity Lab.
We developed 3 user personas for Longevity Lab. 2 patient profiles and 1 doctor profile.
Select social media posts designed by Addison Snidle and me.
Product photography