Inclusivity in Engineering Contest Poster

Mar 2019 · Sole Designer


In conjunction with the Spring 2019 magazine issue, Vector held a photography contest with the prompt “Inclusivity in Engineering.” I created the promotional poster and associated social media graphics for the contest. My primary design goal for the poster was to use fun and inviting colors that would pop off the wall and distinguish the poster from the others around it.


At the time Vector had decided to do the “Inclusivity in Engineering” photography contest, I was learning how to use the recently released freeform gradient tool in Illustrator. As part of learning a new tool or skill, I like to try and use it in a project which led me to try and use gradients in a design for the poster. Gradients would allow me to use colors that would pop off the wall and grab people’s attention, and let me use a variety of colors that would help to establish this idea of inclusivity and diversity at the center of the contest.
Final poster


As I progressed down the gradient-focused path, I was not super satisfied with how the design was panning out. Simultaneously I was doing a lot of research into really colorful and eye-catching designs and came across the WPAP Poster style that heavily influenced where I wanted to try and take the design. The WPAP style felt interesting and inclusive which was exactly what I wanted in an “Inclusivity in Engineering” poster. The style was also geometric which was already a part of Vector’s visual language, so the poster fit right into our brand. The color palette of the poster was also based off the vibrant colors present in WPAP posters.  and started moving toward a more abstract, geometric poster design.


WPAP Style posters that inspired my poster

Industrial Design

Industrial design has always been a large source of inspiration for me and most of my sketching experience is in the industrial design style where you build an object out of geometric shapes. One of the ideas I originally had was to create a camera graphic using gradients, and one of the things I did to understand the form of the camera was to build the shape of the camera out of ellipses and lines. I found this to be a cool graphic on its own and it made it into the final poster design.
Process of building the camera graphic

Industrial Design

Once the elements of the poster was completed, I created accompanying graphics for our social media pages. This included Facebook and Twitter banners, and an Instagram post; each requiring a specially formatted graphic.


The font used in this project is HWT Artz. Finding the right font was a challenge since we wanted one that would be fun and match the style, but still match our existing branding.
Social media graphics created based on the poster